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Bushwick Has Everything I Love In Spades

May 23, 2010

This afternoon I got to have a pleasant stroll around Bushwick, which afforded me some wonderful photo ops. Here’s a glimpse at what I encountered and I’ll hopefully post more soon. I have a lot of catching up to do here as well, as it’s been a while since I posted anything.


Ass Hat

April 5, 2010

(Photo by Christopher Stribley, West Village, New York. February 15, 2010.)

We Wear Masks Behind Closed Doors

April 5, 2010

This series is about the cowardice of people who deface street art, rather than using that energy to create their own. Apparently some people have no sense of art karma and probably lack the ability to produce their own art. Certainly they lack the integrity to confront their own feelings of inferiority.

(Click any image to enlarge.)

(All Photos by Christopher Stribley, East Village, New York. April 2, 2010.)

Subway Canvases

March 11, 2010

I’m always delighted when I see the ingenuity of artists on public display. The following images are part of an ongoing series of ¬†photos of mass produced posters that have been turned into street art, sometimes to stunning effect, as in the case of today’s subjects. The subway lighting can make it a challenge to capture these special treats, but I’ve done my best to immortalize them to share them with you here.

While I love both of these, I was especially taken in by the beautiful drawings on this next poster.

Be sure to click on the images to view them larger.

(All photos by Christopher Stribley. West Village, NY, March 10, 2010.)

Cold Shoulder

March 2, 2010

As always, click the images to view them larger.
(Yes, the sign really says that, I did not Photoshop it!)
(No this is not about giving fur the cold shoulder. I LOVE fur and wear it every day!)
(Photos by Christopher Stribley. East Village, NY, February 26, 2010.)

Cold Calling, New York Style

March 2, 2010

The end of last week saw Manhattan hit with major snowfall. I ventured out in the midst of it to go to work and spotted this phone box at the Houston St subway station.

(Photo by Christopher Stribley. East Village, NY, February 26, 2010.)

Mr. Brainwash Presents ICONS

February 16, 2010

First glimpse of the amazing Mr. Brainwash exhibition in the West Village.

Stay tuned for much more of this wonderful, inspiring exhibition.

(Photo by Christopher Stribley at Mr. Brainwash’s exhibition in the West Village, NY. February 15, 2010.)