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Project 28 Millimetres

June 24, 2009

Last year the Lower East Side was paid a visit by a fantastic group of artists from Lazarides, in the UK. You may have seen their pop-up exhibition – The Outsiders – at the intersection of East Houston and Bowery or even if you didn’t, chances are you saw some of the numerous pasters some of them papered the neighborhood with. The most arresting of these pasters – more of an installation – was the one that the photographer JR applied to the outside of the building where their show was. It was an enormous reclining nude African woman. There was no missing her and she stayed there for a good while, gradually donating pieces of herself to the breeze and perhaps also to passers by.

This afternoon I was strolling through the LES, enjoying the scenery, when I saw an enormous face smiling through the trees at me. I immediately reached for my camera and proceeded to cross 1st Avenue to make my way to the park that housed this benevolent giant.

My first thought was that this had to be a remnant of JR, but it was so remarkably intact for the most part – could it really be?

Now that I’ve had time to go back and study my photographs and look up the url that was so thoughtfully painted beneath the installation, I’ve found that it most certainly is the work of JR.

I was also thinking how great it is that it’s now a photo of a photo of a photo. Yeah – get your head around that one!

(Christopher Stribley is the photographer who photographed JR’s photograpy.)

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